Maths Teaching Goes Live!

Teaching research events are both old and new phenomena in China. Old, because they have been existing long before the era of the Internet; new, because most of these events are now broadcasted live online. The event I was invited to deliver a lecture for last week had an audience of about 300 teachers and teaching researchers in the conference hall of a remote county’s local primary and an additional one of 16000+ people in the profession online! This is a popular way teachers in this country learn from each other through observations and feedbacks given by peers and experts. Events like this are organised multiple times almost every month.

Below are links to the livestream of an ongoing maths teaching research conference (the 20th) involving teachers, teaching researchers and teacher educators from six provinces (Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui, Shandong, Fujian) and one city (Shanghai) in Eastern China. Apologies – everything is in Chinese except for mathematics – the ultimate international language. The audience are mainly, if not exclusively, teachers. This is one of the ways the professionals gather together to perfect teaching. In a collective pursuit of best practice.

For this particular event, past sessions are viewable at the original addresses. Please note: there is a time difference – China is 8 hours ahead of British winter time. Check the steps and Figure 1 below to get access smoothly.

[Apologies: linked events are not accessible now as of 2021.]

5th Dec 2018, AM

5th Dec 2018, PM:

6th Dec 2018, AM

6th Dec 2018, PM:

7th Dec 2018, AM:

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