Updated in December 2022


2017-present | Jiangxi Normal University (full-time, tenure-track)

  • Primary Mathematics Teaching Practice (UG, ITE)
  • Problem Solving in Primary Mathematics (UG, ITE)
  • Primary Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction (UG, ITE)
  • Primary Mathematics Teaching Research (UG, ITE)
  • Primary Mathematics Teaching Skills(UG, ITE)
  • Primary Curriculum and Instruction (UG, ITE)
  • Lab-based Microteaching in Mathematics (PG, ITE)
  • Lesson Examples in Primary Education (Mathematics) (PG, ITE)
  • Key Competencies in Primary Education (Mathematics) (PGR)
  • Primary Curriculum and Textbook Research (Mathematics) (PGR)
  • Teacher Learning and Classroom Research ( PGR)
  • Curriculum and Instructional Theories (PGR)
  • Reading & Writing about Basic Education in English (PGR)

2016-2017 | Luoyang Normal University (near PhD completion, part-time)

  • Problem Solving in Primary Mathematics (Undergraduate, ITE)
  • Education Literature in English (Undergraduate, ITE)
  • Designing and Organising TEFL Games (Undergraduate, ITE)
ITE Mentoring Highlight
  • Mentor to Yufei Song, a 3rd-Prize (Mathematics) Awardee, in the 2022 National Teaching Competition for Masters Students enrolled in Primary Initial Teacher Education programmes, China

Supervision of Bachelor’s Theses (in Chinese)

32. Mo, Xinhao (2022): Teacher questioning in primary maths : A classroom study in Nanchang through the lens of educational equity

31. Sun, Zhiyang (2022): Optimisation of mathematics homework in upper primary grades under the Double-Reduction policy in China: A case study in Nanchang

30. Weng, Binhong (2022): Utilising student errors as teaching resources: An exploration in primary classrooms

29. Wu, Jiake (2022): Research on the current situation of primary school students’ academic burden under the “double reduction” policy

28. Zhang, Zixuan (2022): The use of ICT in primary mathematics classes: A comparison between rural and urban schools

27. Fu, Jinying (2021): Sixth graders’ computational performance and possible strategies for improvement

26. Peng, Zhenzhen (2021): Teacher feedback in the maths class: A comparison between novice and expert teachers in upper primary

25. Shi, Hu (2021): Lower graders posing mathematical problems in the primary class

24. Yan, Siying (2021): Mathematics teacher questioning: A comparison in the primary phase

23. Zhang, Yuwen (2021): The effect of teacher classroom feedback on primary upper graders’ learning interest in mathematics

22. Zhao, Runtian (2021): Relationships between lower graders’ learning interest and maths achievement in primary schools

21. Guo, Yue (2020): Comparing representations of geometric patterns in primary mathematics textbooks published by PEP and BNUP

20. Hua, Qi (2020): Classroom discourse issues during student teachers’ placement and possible countermeasures

19. Huang, Lingmei (2020): The combination of symbolic-graphic representations in Numbers and Algebra in primary mathematics: A comparison between two textbook series in China (Top 100 Distinctive Theses Award, Class of 2020)

18. Wei, Lingling (2020): Primary mathematics trainee teachers’ anxiety and potential factors

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12. Xu, Fajuan (2019): Fourth graders’ mistakes in multiplicative arithmetic: A case study in Nanchang

11. Yang, Yihong (2019): Children’s participation in primary mathematics classes: A case study in Nanchang

10. Yin, Meiqin (2019): Cognitive levels of fifth-graders in solving simple equations: A case study based on the SOLO theory

09. Zhang, Wenlu (2019): Possible connections between teacher perceptions of symbolic-graphic combination and children’s corresponding ability in solving problems: A case study in Nanchang

08. Zhu, Yongping (2019): Problem situations and functions in Shapes and Geometry in primary mathematics: A comparison of two textbook series published in China

07. Li, Jun (2018): An explorative study on the effectiveness of group collaboration in primary mathematics classrooms: The case of a rural school in Jiangxi

06. Li, Junming (2018): Numbers and probability in primary mathematics textbooks: A comparison between the textbook series published by BJNUP and PEP

05. Li, Mengxin (2018): Issues of and possible strategies for posing real-world problems in teaching primary mathematics: The case of a rural school in Jiangxi

04. Liang, Hanqing (2018): Occupational stress amongst primary school teachers: A case study in Nanchang

03. Liu, Feiyan (2018): Teaching through appreciation in primary mathematics classes in China: Issues and potential solutions

02. Ou, Jiamei (2018): Effects of English teaching in universities: Perception of students

01. Zha, Xuanfeng (2018): English teachers’ application of multimedia in primary schools