Courses that I will teach in 2018-19, am teaching (bold), and have taught (italicised) include:

Problem Solving in Primary Mathematics (B.Ed, Maths, taught in English)

Mathematics Curriculum & Instruction (B.Ed, Maths)

Mathematics Curriculum & Textbook Research (M.Ed)

Teacher Learning & Classroom Research (M.Ed)

Mathematics Teaching Research in Primary Schools (B.Ed, Maths)

Problem Solving in Primary Mathematics (B.Ed, Maths)

Curriculum and Instruction (B.Ed)

Research Literature in Basic Education (M.Ed, taught in English)

Curriculum and Instructional Theories (M.Ed)

Problem Solving and Practice of Mathematics (B.Ed, Maths)

Teaching English with Games (B.Ed, English)

Research Literature in Education (B.Ed, English)



Updated June 2018.