Courses that I am teaching (bold) or have taught (italicised) include:

Problem Solving in Primary Mathematics (B.Ed, Maths, English-medium)

Primary Mathematics Curriculum & Instruction (B.Ed, Maths)

Research on Lesson Examples in Primary Mathematics (M. Ed, Maths)

Key Competencies in Primary Mathematics (M.Ed, Maths)

Mathematics Curriculum & Textbook Research (M.Ed, Maths)

Teacher Learning & Classroom Research (M.Ed, Maths)

Mathematics Teaching Research in Primary Schools (B.Ed, Maths)

Problem Solving in Primary Mathematics (B.Ed, Maths)

Curriculum and Instruction (B.Ed)

Research Literature in Basic Education (M.Ed, English-medium)

Curriculum and Instructional Theories (M.Ed)

Problem Solving and Practice of Mathematics (B.Ed, Maths)

Teaching English with Games (B.Ed, English)

Research Literature in Education (B.Ed, English)



updated in September 2018